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Chinese delegation visits Leiden Hortus

In the interests of knowledge exchange and research, a delegation from the China Academy of Chinese Medicinal Sciences (CACMS) in Beijing paid a visit to the Hortus botanicus in Leiden. The visit was part of a joint research study on herbal medicine.

Prefect of the Hortus, Paul Kessler, and emeritus Professor Douwe Breimer  welcomed the delegation on a very warm Monday 16 July. After a visit to the Leiden Institute of Biology (IBL), a meeting was first held in the garden room of the Hortus, followed by a tea tasting. The electric 'Friends of the Hortus' carrier bike was then the focus of a demonstration of educational activities.  

A tea tasting in the Chinese herb garden of the Hortus botanicus
A tea tasting in the Chinese herb garden of the Hortus botanicus

International collaboration

The IBL, the Leiden University European Center for Chinese Medicine and Natural Compounds (LU-ECCM) and the Hortus botanicus carry out joint research on Western and Chinese herbal medicines. This resulted in the partnership with the CACMS, which was looking for international scientific collaborations in this area. The CACMS is one of the leading research institutes in China and focuses on research on Chinese medicine. As well as being a research partner, the  CACMS is also co-sponsor of the planned exhibition on ‘Healing with plants’ (2019).

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