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Twelve FGGA researchers take the floor

Researchers of the faculty of Governance and Global Affairs work on very different research topics. However, there's a clear common ground in all of their work. You will find out more in our new booklet.

In this publication, the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs presents 12 examples of recent research from the faculty. We asked our researchers to explain their work, which they did willingly and expertly, and their curiosity, commitment and enthusiasm leap out at you.

Support European Union

Take the research of doctoral candidate Elitsa Kortenska, for example. She researches the support for the European Union in six member states. Do most Dutch people oppose any expansion of the European Union? Or might the reality be more nuanced? The answers were downright surprising.

Socially-relevant topics

The research of Kortenska is a great example of the work that goes on within Leiden University‚Äôs Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs. The campus in The Hague forms the base for our research on socially-relevant topics. Topics such as climate change, for example, but also diversity, cyber security, migration, democratisation and security. These are all topical issues that get written and talked about frequently, which makes us think we have some idea of what is going on. Our research shows that reality is often more complex and less black and white.

Picture: Daniela Vicherat Mattar (LUC)  

Didn't receive the booklet?

The booklet Research will be send to all FGGA employees. You can also read it online.

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