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Moritz Jesse Speaks On Migration, Asylum, and Integration in Israel

Moritz Jesse, associate professor of EU Law, was invited to give a talk about Migration, Asylum, and Integration at the 5th Ruppin International Conference on Immigration and Social Integration.

The conference took place at the Ruppin Academic Center, Israel, in May 2018 under the title ‘Migration in a changing global world’. The conference brought academics from all over the world together to discuss global trends and developments circling around migration and asylum in the 21st century. Jesse’s contribution to the conference was titled “How to treat the ‘arriving other’ – Reactions to increasing numbers of refugees and asylum seekers in ‘the West’”.

The presentation concerned how western States deal with the influx of immigrants. Looking at legislative changes and agendas in the aftermath of the so-called refugee crises of 2015, Jesse addressed the following questions: (1) what was the initial reaction to the arrival of asylum seekers; which groups  are accommodated, which groups are met with skepticism and stricter legal conditions/procedures?; (2) are refugees seen as temporary ‘visitors’ or future residents, and does this presumption have influence on the legislation in place to administer them?; (3) how does one think of ‘integration’ of refugees and asylum seekers, and are there specific programs, maybe for specific groups of people?; and (4) what are the categories of asylum seekers in the law to determine what rules and regulations apply?

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