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'Human failure more risky than hacker attack’

Human failures or faults in systems are certainly just as harmful as a targeted attack by hackers. That is what Leiden professor in cybersecurity Bibi van den Berg says in the Haarlems Dagblad. She states the recent huge disruptions at Schiphol are interesting examples.

'In April as well as last November the airport gave a declaration to the press within a few hours, in which they were relieved to state that it was not a cyber-attack. Then I say: but the consequences were nothing less. I cannot understand that this difference is being made.  Failure is something for the ICT-department, an attack is a job for security, this is how things are arranged now. Of course it is interesting to know the causes for such a disruption, but please look at the enormous economic and social consequences.'

Read the entire article in Haarlems Dagblad (in Dutch).

More about Van den Berg’s research? Here you can read the press release about her inaugural lecture.

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