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Jet Bussemaker appointed Professor of Science, Policy and Impact in Healthcare

Jet Bussemaker, former Minister of Education, Culture and Science, has been appointed Professor at Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) and Leiden University with effect from 1 July 2018. She will be the holder of the new chair in ‘Science, Policy and Societal Impact, focusing on Healthcare'.

Jet Bussemaker will be Professor of Science, Policy and Societal Impact focusing on Healthcare.
Jet Bussemaker will be Professor of Science, Policy and Societal Impact focusing on Healthcare.

Bussemaker's research will focus on the question of how new insights and developments in healthcare contribute to improving public health and how policy and political choice influence daily pratice and innovation in healthcare. This could cover such issues as new technologies for self-care or the awareness of health differences according to age and gender, and the influence of policy on the approach to health in neighbourhoods in The Hague and Leiden. This research is in line with the theme of Population Health, one of the focal points of LUMC, aimed at improving the health of particular population groups.

‘This chair combines everything that I have been working on in recent decades,' Bussemaker explained. 'I hope that I can make a worthwhile contribution to the academic community and share my knowledge and experience with younger generations.'  

Research and education

Bussemaker will ocupy this chair two days a week at the LUMC - a role in which she will also work together with LUMC Campus The Hague - and one day a week at the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs. In addition to her research, she will also teach in modules of the master's in Population Health Management, at Leiden University's international Honours College and in the (bio)medical and public administration programmes in Leiden and The Hague. She will also contribute to Leiden University College, with teaching in the Global Public Health and Human Diversity specialisations.

Interface of science and policy

The Executive Board of the LUMC regards Bussemaker as the perfect candidate to connect science, healthcare and administration and to contribute to resolving societal challenges in healthcare. Dean of LUMC and Member of the Executive Board Pancras Hogendoorn commented, 'Jet Bussemaker has extensive knowledge and practical experience at the interface of science and policy, healthcare and public administration. She will be a great inspiration for our young students.' 

Jet Bussemaker (1961)

Jet Bussemaker grew up in Oegstgeest and studied political science at the University of Amsterdam. From 1998 to 2007 she was a Member of Parliament for the Dutch Labour Party (PvdA), and in 2007 she was State Secretary for Health, Welfare and Sport in the Balkenende IV cabinet. From 2011 to 2012 Bussemaker was a member of the Executive Board of the University of Amsterdam and also held the position of Rector of the University of Amsterdam. From 2012 to 2017 she was Minister of Education, Culture and Science in the Rutte II cabinet. In this role, she was co-responsible for the government's vision on science and the development of the National Science Agenda. She has worked for social impact in addition to economic valorisation and for the broader development (bildung) of students. She is active in the public debate on science and education and in particular on the position of women in academia.

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