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Heritage project showcased in EU brochure

In the EU brochure 'Creative Europe: rediscovering our cultural heritage' 15 successful heritage projects are presented. Among these projects is NEARCH, in which staff members of the Faculty of Archaeology participated.

Connecting people to their past

The NEARCH project aims at bringing archaeology into the 21st century through achieving a better understanding of people's relationship with heritage and the past. In the European member states polls were launched to investigate the country's population's stance towards archaeology.

In the Netherlands, the outcomes of the poll were striking. 500 inhabitants participated in the survey. The percentage of respondents who find archaeology useful was 89%, while 76% percent think that archaeological remains add value to their living environment. For more information see the news article about the survey results (in Dutch).

The coordinator of the NEARCH project in the Netherlands is dr. Monique van den Dries.

Creative Europe

2018 is the European Year of Cultural Heritage. The EU brochure 'Creative Europe: rediscovering our cultural heritage' was created to honor this occassion. Download the brochure here.


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