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Crossing borders and connecting people in archaeological heritage management. Essays in honour of prof. Willem J.H. Willems

Edited by Monique H. van den Dries, Sjoerd J. van der Linde & Amy Strecker
16 December 2015
Fernweh, Sidestone Press

‘Fernweh’ is a collection of essays on archaeological heritage management issues dedicated to Professor dr. Willem J.H. Willems.

Willem Willems (1950-2014) was one of the most prominent and influential Dutch archaeologists. He directed three national archaeological and heritage organizations, and played a major role in the development of both national and international heritage management systems. His professional passion was threefold: Roman archaeology, archaeological heritage management and international collaboration. This volume is a tribute to him, his passions and the provocative discussions he loved so much. It holds contributions by people who worked closely with him. The essays originate from various contexts across the globe; from governmental organizations to museums, from private sector companies to universities. Some are contemplative, others offer refreshing visions for the future.

The essays contribute to contemporary debates in archaeological heritage management. They concern the various dimensions and consequences of current policies and practices and address the meaning and use of the world’s legacies from the past in and for society, at present and in the future. The overarching theme is the question of whose heritage we are protecting and how we can better valorise research results and connect with society.

The book is organised into three parts. The first part, ‘Time travels’ covers the major challenges the archaeological heritage discipline is facing while heading towards the future. The second part, ‘Crossing borders and boundaries’, consists of essays that consider the international organizations and projects Willem Willems became (directly and indirectly) involved with. It reflects his trans-disciplinary interests and endeavours. In the third part, ‘Home sweet home’, the contributions discuss prof. Willems’ involvement with and dedication to Dutch archaeological heritage management, from the implementation of the Council of Europe’s Valletta Convention, to the engagement with people from all walks of life.


Willem J.H. Willems (1950-2014)

Fernweh: Introduction
Monique van den Dries, Sjoerd van der Linde & Amy Strecker

Taking the next steps
Douglas Comer

Theme 1: Time travels – Facing challenges in heritage management

Challenging values
Adrian Olivier

The aftermath of Malta
Arek Marciniak

Preservation in situ
Tim Williams

Making futures from the remains of the distant past
Timothy Darvill

From the preservation of cultural heritage to critical heritage studies
Kristian Kristiansen

Creative archaeology
Sjoerd van der Linde & Monique van den Dries

Sustainable archaeology in post-crisis scenarios
Felipe Criado-Boado, David Barreiro & Rocío Varela-Pousa

Yours, mine, and ours
Pei-Lin Yu, Chen Shen & George Smith

Mapping stakeholders in archaeological heritage management
Alicia Castillo

Solving the puzzle
Annemarie Willems & Cynthia Dunning

‘Willem, give me an excuse to attend WAC!’
Nelly Robles

Heritage from the heart
Pieter ter Keurs

Theme 2: Crossing borders and boundaries – Global interactions in heritage management

‘This is not Australia!’
Ian Lilley

A personal memoir of the early years of ICAHM
Henry Cleere

A view from the ‘far side’
Margaret Gowen

On translating the untranslatable, African heritage … in African
Nathan Schlanger

The Oyu Tolgoi cultural heritage program, Mongolia
Jeffrey Altschul & Gerry Wait

The Caribbean challenge
Corinne Hofman

The organic nature of monuments use
Jay Haviser

Why history (still) matters
Mariana Françozo

The problem of landscape protection
Amy Strecker

Scientific illiteracy: what is the reality, what are the pitfalls?
Sander van der Leeuw

Theme 3: Home sweet home – Managing archaeological resources in the Netherlands

Veni, vidi, vici
Leonard de Wit

Paving the way
Monique Krauwer

Visualizing the unknown
Jos Deeben & Bjørn Smit

A plea for ethics
Tom Bloemers

Preservation in situ at Almere, the downside of our success
Dick de Jager

The invisible treasures of our past
Martijn Manders

Fluctuating boundaries
Ruurd Halbertsma

People rather than things, the Haka and the Waka
Steven Engelsman

‘Make it happen’
Dieke Wesselingh

Crossing borders along the Dutch limes
Tom Hazenberg

Bibliography W.J.H. Willems

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