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Highlights of 2017: our most read articles

An online course to teach our international students their first words in Dutch, American presidents in Leiden and how Neanderthals made the very first glue: view a selection of our most read English news in the past year.

American presidents and their special relationship with Leiden

President John Quincy Adams studied in Leiden. His father, John, who was also president, also stayed here and received a lot of support from professor and publisher Johan Luzac. And how are presidents Bush and Obama linked to Leiden?

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How Dutch Brazil was lost

The Amsterdam media played a major role in the rise and fall of Dutch Brazil, the colony held briefly by the Dutch West India Company in the 17th century. This is the conclusion reached by Professor of Maritime History Michiel van Groesen in his book ‘Amsterdam’s Atlantic’.

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New online Dutch course for international students

Asking the way to the beach in Scheveningen or buying cheese on the market in Leiden. With the new online Dutch & More language course, prospective international students can get to know Dutch in a Leiden setting. The online course is available for international students at Leiden University and starts twice a year in June and December.

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Festive opening of Asian Library by Queen Máxima

On 14 September Queen Máxima symbolically opened Leiden’s new Asian Library. In a Pieterskerk filled with international guests, the queen received the new and richly illustrated book about the special collections of the Asian Library. She also visited the new library and spoke with several researchers.

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How Neanderthals made the very first glue

The world’s oldest known glue was made by Neanderthals. But how did they make it 200,000 years ago? Leiden archaeologists have discovered three possible ways and tried them out.

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