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Launch of new book on Protection of the Environment in the Aftermath of Conflict

New volume in the Jus Post Bellum series

On Monday 13 November 2017, the Jus Post Bellum project launched the new book on Environmental Protection and Transitions from Conflict to Peace (OUP 2017) at The Hague Residence of Australian Ambassador Brett Mason.

The book, edited by Carsten Stahn, Jens Iverson and Jennifer Easterday is the first targeted work in the legal literatures which explores environmental challenges in the aftermath of conflict. It is inspired by the landmark study of the International Law Commission (ILC) on protection of the environment in relation to armed conflict. It was introduced to guests and members of the international community by three eminent speakers:  Ambassador Marie Jacobsson, the former ILC Special Rapporteur on the topic, Professor Tim McCormack, the ICC Special Adviser on International Humanitarian Law, and ICTY Registrar John Hocking. The book is part of a trilogy of works on Jus Post Bellum published by OUP, and part of an NWO-funded Vidi project on  Conflict Termination and Peacemaking. The book will be available open access.


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