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Interdisciplinary research and new friends during LACDR Summer School

From the Republic of Moldova to Italy and from Indonesia to Greece, students from all over the world participated in the Bio-Pharmaceutical Science Summer School 2017. The students got a comprehensive overview of the education and research performed within the LACDR. ‘I am very happy to be here,’ says participant Marco Romfini.

Connecting the clusters

With on-site research training at all clusters, students were offered the unique opportunity to get acquainted with the research carried out within the institute and meet LACDR researchers. First, the students synthesized a medicine themselves at the Drug & Target Discovery cluster. At the BioTherapeutics cluster they learned how to encapsulate the medicine in a liposome, so the medicine can enter cells in the body more easily. Eventually, the students determined the biopharmacy in the Systems Pharmacology group and the toxicology of their compound at Drug & Target Discovery. On the final day, the students presented their results.

Participate in the Summer School

Marco Romfini comes from Italy, and was tipped about this summer school. ‘A PhD student of my Professor went to the LACDR Summer School two years ago, and said it was fantastic. And he was right, I am very happy to be here. There are different people, many cultures and there is this amazing new building.’ Participant Merve Keser: ‘I’m from the States, but have been living in Rotterdam for the past ten years. Why I chose for this summer school? I applied for the Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences Master’s programme, so this summer school is a second impression for me. And this gives a nice overview of all the different research groups.’ 

Marco Romfini during one of the practicals

Different fields, one goal

‘Everybody of this group focuses on the same things, but it is interesting to observe that everybody has a different approach,’ says Marco. He has a background in molecular biology, so doing chemistry was a totally new experience. ‘But it was very nice to learn this new field.’ Merve also says to like the blend of fields. ‘Everybody is smart in their own field, and the mix of backgrounds gives interesting collaborations.’

Merve Keser (in the middle) making notes during the toxicology practicals

Social interaction

The summer school is not only about studying. During the programme there was plenty time for social interaction with fellow participants, students currently enrolled in the master’s programme Bio‐Pharmaceutical Sciences and researchers. Merve: ‘It was nice to be in an international group with so many different cultures. I think we all have made some new friends’.   

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