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New MOOC Security & Safety Challenges in a Globalized World, starting 23 January 2017.

Security and safety challenges are at the top of the list of the most pressing issues of contemporary society.

Complex challenges

Challenges such as cyber-crime, terrorism and environmental disasters have a huge impact on people's lives all over the world. In today's increasingly interconnected world, these security and safety challenges are becoming increasingly complex. Facilitated by developments as globalization and the spread of networked and hyper-connected technologies, new safety and security challenges arise and impact local, national, regional and international levels. Solutions to such problems therefore require a wide range of actors cooperating at multiple levels of governance.


This new MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), created by the Insitute of Security and Global Affairs in cooperation with the Center for Innovation, is an introduction to the broad theme of security and safety in an increasingly complex world. Together with participants, it will search for answers to important questions such as: what is security and safety? How can we better understand security and safety challenges? And how can we deal with these challenges? The MOOC combines the viewpoints of different scientific perspectives (terrorism studies, crisis management, and even medicine) with real-life case studies and interviews to explore and better understand contemporary security and safety challenges.

This MOOC starts 23 January 2017.
For more information and pre-register, please visit the following link.




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