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IHL Clinic Exchange Conference

The Kalshoven-Gieskes Forum is proud to announce that we will host the second annual “IHL Clinic Exchange Conference”, from 8 to 14 December, in The Hague.

The idea to organize the conference stems from a collaboration program between the IHL Clinic of Leiden Law School, Emory Law School (US) and Radzyner Law School (Israel), as well as the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Netherlands Red Cross. Since The Hague serves as the home of international criminal courts and tribunals, the conference will have a focus on “The Hague: Centre of International Justice and Enforcement of IHL”.

This year’s conference seeks to further develop the contribution to the dissemination, implementation and enforcement of IHL, the training of future international lawyers in the humanitarian field, and the growth of an international network of students and junior lawyers with an expertise of IHL applicable to real-world situations. This exclusive opportunity is offered to 45 select students and staff of the three IHL Clinics. Students and supervisors from our new cooperation partner, the IHL Clinic at Roma Tre University (Italy), will also join their colleagues from the US, Israel and Leiden for part of the conference.

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