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Book Review of Sofia Ranchordas’ scholarship in the American Journal of Comparative Law

The prestigious American Journal of Comparative Law (2016, pp. 790-4) just published a book review of Sofia Ranchordas monograph ‘Constitutional Sunsets and Experimental Legislation’ (Edward Elgar). The book is partially based on her PhD dissertation for which she was awarded a cum laude doctorate degree at Tilburg Law School and Antwerp University in 2014.

The book review written by Dr. Yaniv Roznai closes with the following remarks: "This is a superb publication and a wonderful contribution to the literature. The book is thought-provoking and makes the reader reconsider the traditional perception of “permanent legislation” compared to a more dynamic, flexible, and evidence-based lawmaking. …. If sunlight is the best disinfectant, then let the sun rise and shine over this study which explores SC and EL—two important yet controversial legal instruments.”

Sofia Ranchordas has been reviewed by reputed scholars in numerous peer-reviewed journals including the European Journal of Risk Regulation, Theory and Practice of Legislation, and Zeitschrift für Parlamentsfragen.

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