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Bart Custers @ Cyber Summit 2016

This year’s theme of the Cyber Summit is: “Using Technology Responsible”. The Cyber Summit will take place in Banff, Canada on October 26th-28th. Dr. Bart Custers, associate professor and head of research at eLaw, the Center for Law and Digital Technologies, is invited to give a presentation on privacy issues in big data sharing and reuse.

Big data

Although there is no well-established definition of big data, its main characteristic is its sheer volume. Large volumes of data are generated by people (e.g., via social media) and by technology, including sensors (e.g., cameras, microphones), trackers (e.g., RFID tags, web surfing behavior) and other devices (e.g., mobile phones, wearables for self-surveillance/quantified self), whether or not they are connected to the Internet of Things. However, the large volumes of data needed to capitalize on the benefits of big data can to some extent also be established by the reuse of existing data, a source that is sometimes overlooked.

Data reuse

Data can be reused for purposes similar to that for which it was initially collected, but also beyond these purposes. Similarly, data can be reused in its original context, but also beyond this context. However, such repurposing and recontextualizing of data may lead to privacy issues. For instance, data reuse may lead to issues regarding informed consent and informational self-determination. When the data is used for profiling and other types of predictive analytics, also issues regarding stigmatization and discrimination may arise. The presentation of dr. Custers will focus on the privacy issues of big data sharing and reuse and how these issues could be addressed.

Bart Custers PhD MSc LLM is associate professor and head of research at eLaw, Center for Law and Digital Technologies at Leiden University, The Netherlands. His main expertise and experience is in the fields of risk profiling, privacy, big data, law enforcement technologies and cybercrime

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