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Crowd funding for Cultural centre at Aguas Buenas archaeological site, Nicaragua

Campaign initiated at Generosity to cover the cost of construction.

Since 2007 the Faculty of Archaeology of Leiden University has carried out archaeological research in the community of Aguas Buenas in central Nicaragua, under the direction of Dr. Alexander Geurds (Leiden/Oxford). Located in this area is one of the largest archaeological sites in Central America, with more than 350 Pre-Hispanic surface structures, which follow a strict geometric design in the landscape. The archaeological work carried out by PACEN (The Central Nicaragua Archaeological Project) has uncovered a multitude of archaeological features there, ranging from large mounded structures, stone sculpture, to numerous traces of material culture including pottery, stone tools and petroglyphs.

Expanding involvement

In recent years this involvement has expanded to include the rescue and appreciation of cultural and natural heritage of the communities in the region. Recently the decision was reached to establish a local cultural centre, the Casa de Cultura Aguas Buenas (CCAB), which aims to present and allow access to results from archaeological and ethnographic work by the PACEN project to local audiences primarily and outside visitors to the site as well.

Cultural centre

As a first time initiative in Nicaragua, the Cultural Centre Casa de Cultura Aguas Buenas will be built with locally sourced construction materials, and through using traditional equipment and knowledge. Many such methods are rapidly disappearing from the built rural environment due the increasing popularity of industrial bricks, concrete and tin roofing. Apart from the informative and educative content of the cultural centre, the building itself will also serve as a marker of not so much cultural continuity if material continuity, foregrounding clay, straw and palm leaf.

Crowd Funding

The campaign has had a great start. Please support this unique effort by donating, the budget requirements are limited and small donations are also very much welcome!

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