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Seminar: Challenges for Public Sector Employees

June 6th and 7th, the Institute of Public Administration hosted a seminar on the Challenges for public sector employees caused through the increasing demands that their work environment poses.

The seminar is a conclusion of Dr. Trui Steen’s Vidi-project “Double Bind. Public service professionals coping with contrasting demands” and is sponsored by NWO. The seminar dealt with a diverse set of topics.  In an international setting, participants from New Zealand, Germany, Spain, Denmark, The United Kingdom and The Netherlands, among others discussed topics such as Organizational Socialization, Emotional Labour, PSM, Value Patterns, and Red Tape. The aim of the seminar was to prepare for a Symposium in Public Administration focused on better understanding of how public sector employees deal with the challenges and changes in their work environment. Earlier Carina Schott and Daphne van Kleef defended their doctoral theses based on this Vidi-Project successfully.

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