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Conference European Association of Labour Court Judges in Amsterdam

The annual conference of the European Association of Labour Court Judges (EALCJ) will be held this year in Amsterdam. From 9 to 11 June Labour Court judges from various European countries will gather at the Amsterdam Court of Appeal. Professor G.C. Boot, justice of that court and Professor of Labour Law at Leiden Law School, is conference host and organiser.

The conference theme is ‘Too young or to old: protecting working conditions for the new age’ in which age discrimination and safe work conditions are the central issues. The EALCJ country reports will be used to discuss how judges in the various jurisdictions deal with these issues.

Professor B. Barentsen will give one of the keynote speeches at the conference in which he will talk about work conditions and employer liability and the role age plays in this regard. Labour law expert and deputy judge  Dr. M.Y.H.G. Erkens will also be attending the conference.

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