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Introducing: Tiffany Bousard

Tiffany Bousard is a PhD-candidate at Leiden University Institute for History and examines Atlantic news which circulated in the Habsburg or Southern Netherlands during the period 1580-1680.

By focusing on different kinds of news reports – for example diplomatic letters, both handwritten and printed newspapers, and Jesuit’s litterae annuae – she maps out divergent, co-existing narratives on the same Atlantic events. She also pays special attention to what extent news accounts controlled by Habsburg and local authorities differed from uncensored ones. By doing so, her project aims to grasp the plurality of both early modern news and the media landscape in the Southern Netherlands.

Her research is part of Michiel van Groesen’s NWO project Covering the Ocean - Newspapers and Information Management in the Atlantic World, 1580-1820.

Fields of interest:

  • News and Public Opinion
  • The Atlantic World
  • Censorship and Information Management
  • Printers from the Southern Netherlands
  • Missionary Correspondance
  • Early Modern Agents

Educational background:

  • Specific Teacher Training Course in History, Art and Music, Catholic University of Louvain, 2014 (cum laude)
  • MA History (Specialization in Early Modern History), Catholic University of Louvain, 2013 (summa cum laude) Dissertation: Rest in Peace? Funerals and Religious Controversies in Antwerp and Bruges during the Dutch Revolt (1565-1585) 
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