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Memorial volume for prof. Willem Willems

On December 16th, almost exactly one year after we had to say goodbye to our colleague prof. dr. Willem Willems (1950-2014), a symposium was held in his honour at the Faculty of Archaeology.

During the symposium  a Gedenkschrift was presented that 41 friends and colleagues dedicated to Willem. The book is called ‘Fernweh: Crossing borders and connecting people in archaeological heritage management ’. As Willem played a major role in the development of both national and international heritage management systems, the book consists of 32 essays that contribute to contemporary debates in archaeological heritage management. They primarily concern the various dimensions and consequences of current policies and practices and address the meaning of the world’s legacies from the past for society. Some are contemplative, others offer refreshing visions for the future. The diversity of the authors nicely illustrates how wide his interest and network was; they work in various contexts across the globe, from governmental organizations to museums, from private sector companies to universities. Next to the debates, that Willem would have loved, the book provides biographical notes on his work and a bibliographical overview of his writings.

‘Fernweh’ is produced and edited by his former colleagues from the Faculty of Archaeology, Monique van den Dries, Sjoerd van der Linde and Amy Strecker. Anyone who is interested in this memorial volume is welcome to have a look at the website of the publisher.

The book costs €24,95 (185 pages): Fernweh

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