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Marlou Grobben new assessor on Faculty Board

Campus The Hague's Faculty Board has a new member. Mikal Tseggai has passed on the baton to Marlou Grobben, making her this year's faculty assessor. So what exactly does an assessor do? What are Mikal's thoughts as she reflects on the past year and what are Marlou's plans? The two women are more than happy to share their thoughts.

Looking back on an educational year


The term “assessor” is usually met with blank faces. Mikal explains: “an assessor is responsible for everything to do with the students at the faculty. You are part of the Faculty Board, which includes a dean, two vice-deans and a Director of Operational Management. You also do a lot of work with the faculty's study associations, with assessors at other faculties and occasionally you sit in on the Executive Board meetings.”

And how did she fare this past year with these responsibilities? “A lot has happened at our faculty this past year, and I always did my best to make the student 'voice' heard. It is important that the assessor bridges the gap, not just between the students and the University's management, but also between students on different courses. I have learned and experienced so much this past year. I will be interested to see how the faculty continues to develop over the next few years, but also how The Hague will continue to develop as a university city. ”


A fresh start


Marlou is full of praise for her predecessor's work. “And now it is my turn! These past few weeks I have already spoken to a lot of students and members of staff to find out about their wishes. I'm really looking forward to getting going on everything they told me about and to make a difference to the students at this faculty.” What sort of projects does Marlou have in mind? She would like there to be more interaction between students on different courses. “Contact with people who have a different perspective to you gives you more insight and understanding, which helps you develop yourself further,” Marlou says. She would also like to see more time devoted to careers advice and she would like to work on creating more student services in The Hague.




Have you got questions, suggestions or complaints for the faculty? If so, contact Marlou, so you can discuss a course of action together. You can reach her by email, or call 070-8006157. Marlou also has a weekly drop-in session on Fridays 10:00am – 11:00am. You can just drop by her office on the 12 th floor of Stichthage. She would love to meet you!

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