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A new start for students from all over the world

Hundreds of new students at Leiden University attended the opening of the 2015-2016 academic year. They came from all corners of the world for the start of their new study programme. Portraits of some of the newcomers.

Ketevan Tateshvili

Ketevan Tateshvili is from Georgia and will be taking the master's in European & International Business Law. She has been awarded a scholarship by Leiden University and had just received her LExS certificate. 'I had my first class today and it met all my expectations. Your country is like a holy land for law students, with all the institutions and resources in The Hague.'


Neilabh Sinha

Neilabh Sinha comes from India and will be taking a research master's in Colonial and Global History, supported by a LExS scholarship. ‘This is my second year in Leiden, and I can already speak a little Dutch. I'm really looking forward to this master's.'




Thanat Preeyanont

Thanat Preeyanont is from Thailand. He will also be studying for a master's in Colonial and Global History with the support of a LExS scholarship.  ‘I like the city of Leiden. It's small and safe and I can go everywhere on my bike.’



Martyna Ewa Kopicz and Chiaki Takenouchi

Martyna Ewa Kopicz from Poland and Chiaki Takenouchi from Japan have both been awarded a LExS scholarship and will be stdying for a master's in Leiden. Martyna (European & International Business Law): ‘I arrived yesterday and I had my first lecture this morning. It was good!’ Chiaki (International Childrens’ Rights): ‘My master's programme is new, so we can influence the programme.’

Charlotte Zwanenburg

Charlotte Zwanenburg comes from Arnhem and will be studying Chinese Studies.  She is going to become a member of Augustinus and was at the opening with all the first-year members. 'My motto for the coming year is "study first".  I want to work hard on my studies, but I also want to have some fun.'


Ilse Alberts

Ilse Alberts is from Zutphen and will be studying International Studies at Campus The Hague. She was visiting the opening as one of the Augustinus first-years. 'I chose International Studies because it is a broad programme, with a lot of language content - and that's just what I was looking for.'


Victor Ruiz

Victor Ruiz comes from Mexico and will be taking the master's in Vitality and Ageing. He was at the opening with his fellow students and lecturers. ‘I came to Leiden to have a better education, a bigger scope. ‘




Reffat Ara Segufa

Reffat Ara Segufa is from Bangladesh and will also be taking the master's in Vitality and Ageing . ‘We’re an international group; we had our introduction to the programme today and I am ready to start!’





Leiden University Excellence Scholarship programme (LExS)

Leiden University provides scholarships for excellent students from outside the EU.  LExS certificates were handed to all 61 students on 31 August. 

More information about the LExS scholarships

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