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Marjolein Soethoudt wins Unilever Research Prize

Marjolein Soethoudt was awarded the Unilever Research Prize 2013 for the University of Leiden. The prize was bestowed upon her because of her thesis about her 9-months Master’s internship that she performed in the department from September 2011 until July 2012, in combination with her other study results.

She graduated Cum Laude in the beginning of November this year. During her internship she worked on two separate projects; in the first project she synthesized and studied blockers for the HERG channel, a protein involved in cardiotoxicity. An article about this project has been published recently. In her second project, Marjolein synthesized and studied long residence time agonists for the Adenosine A 1 receptor. During her internship, she was supervised by Dr. Julien Louvel and Dr. Hans Brussee. Currently, she is working as a PhD candidate on a collaborative project between our division of Medicinal Chemistry and the Bio-Organic Synthesis group from the Leiden Institute of Chemistry.

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