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Hans de Iongh has given a Skype lecture for American students of Duke University

On 23 February 2011, Hans de Iongh gave a Skype lecture for a group of 15 students of the Duke University of North Carolina, USA on the invitation of Dr Andrew Jacobson.

The lecture lasted around 1.5 hours and covered the ecology and population dynamics of lions in West and Central Africa. 

Hans de Iongh was connected by Skype and a webcam with  a class room at Duke University and the students were introduced one by one through a webcam. A powerpoint was projected on the screen in the Class room and the Skype sound was magnified in the lecture room, so that the students could follow the lecture. 

At the end of the lecture, students could pose questions through Skype to the lecturer. 

This cheap and effective way of communications allows students to follow lectures by distant lecturers. It opens a new way of cheap and effective distant learning. 

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