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Moot Court and Advocacy


Moot Court: An academic skills training course

Moot Court is an academic skills training course: through the contents and structure of the Moot Court course students are challenged to delve deeply into a legal problem. At the same time students are expected to be able, in writing as well as orally, to put forward their point of view with regard to the legal problem in a clear presentation with strength of arguments.

The Moot Court course therefore aims to train students to search independently for the solution of the case points of view, relevant material in the library, the written formulation of a legal argumentation and the oral presentation of a legal argument.

Almost all sessions of Moot Court training are compulsory and given in Dutch.

For the English students each year in fall there is a course Moot Court Public International Law. Dutch students are allowed to participate in this course as well.

The course Moot Court Advocacy and Litigation offers students skills training in research, analysis, legal writing and advocacy through the participation in a litigation simulation before a regional court, namely the European Court of Human Rights. This course is given in the spring of each year.

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