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Empirical Legal Studies

ELS Academy

The Netherlands Academy for Empirical Legal Studies serves as a platform that brings together (aspiring) empirical legal scholars from all universities in the Netherlands.

Embodying a national collaboration in the field of empirical legal studies in the context of Law Sector Plan, the ELS Academy focuses on educating and supporting researchers who are interested in empirically exploring questions that are legally relevant.

The goal of the ELS Academy is twofold. On the one hand, the focus is on bringing together empirical legal scholars and building an ELS community in the Netherlands. On the other hand, the ELS Academy pools resources in the field of empirical legal studies and makes them easily accessible at the service of individual scholars and research groups at the various law schools in the Netherlands. Have a look at the website of the ELS Academy for more information.

Helen Pluut, head of ELS@Leiden, is director of the ELS Academy.

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