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Tutorial lecturers team

International Studies is a large programme. The group of tutorial lecturers is an important part of that programme. Please find below more information about the way this is organized.

Tutorial lecturers

Tutorial lecturers teach the tutorial groups of the core courses and area courses of the programme. The team meets on a regular basis to discuss organizational and didactic issues that concern the tutorials. These meetings are organized by the Head of the tutor team. The contact with the lecturers of the course takes mainly place via the coordinators. Every course with tutorials has it's own coordinator.
Detailed information regarding tutorials will be provided by the Head of the tutor team and the Senior tutorial lecturer.

Head of the Tutorial lecturers team

Please contact the Head of the tutor team with regard to:
- representing tutors within the management team;
- holding start and performance interviews with tutors;
- chairing tutor meetings; supervising didactic and pedagogic aspects of tutorials, and process to acquire BTQ;
- general coaching of tutors concerning didactic and pedagogic issues;
- holding contact with lecturers as to matters related to tutorials;
 - monitoring mid-term and end term evaluations

Senior Tutorial lecturer

Please contact the senior tutorial lecturer with regard to:
- course allocation for tutors;
- timetables for tutors;
- organization of tutorials online mid-evaluations;
- quality check of exams;
- organization of invigilation schedules;
- planning the office hours;
- tutor website 
- newsletter articles.

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