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Management, Boards & Committees

On this page you find an overview of the relevant boards, committees and contact persons involved in the programme.

Education Committee (OLC)

The faculties have developed a quality assessment system for the purpose of safeguarding the quality of the teaching programmes. The main body involved in this system is the Education committee. They can be contacted by email.

Management Team

In the management team meets every week. In the meetings, staff and students are represented by

  • The chair of the programme
  • The programme manager
  • The head of the tutor team
  • The team coordinator of the administration
  • The team coordinator of the study advisors
  • Career Service
  • The exchange coordinator
  • A marketing advisor / communication

For any programme or management team related questions you can contact the management team by email.

Programme Board

Bachelor and (research) Master programmes have a Departmental Board. This board is responsible for designing and implementing the teaching programme. Members of the board are the Chair and the Programme Manager of the BA International Studies. Two student representatives join the Programme Board meetings and discuss issues raised by the students. You can contact the Programme Board by email.

Lecturers Council

In the lecturers council, representatives from the institutes involved in International Studies (LIAS, LUCAS, IP, History, LUCL) discuss issues that are brought up by the lecturers. You can contact the Lecturers Council by email.

Teaching staff

International Studies isn't an institute, like for example History is. Therefore, the lecturers that teach in the programme are mostly employed by ATCLUCLLUCASLIAS and the Institute for History. For an overview of the courses and names of the teachers please check the Prospectus. For more information on the majority of the tasks of a tutor and procedures, have a look at the Tutor Manual. Aside from rules and procedures, the manual also reflects what we see as two of the core characteristics of the tutor team: professionalism and team spirit.

Coordinators Study Abroad

The Outbound Student Coordinator for the BA programme International Studies is responsible for advising and guiding current students BA International Studies within the faculty of Humanities at Leiden University who wish to study abroad in the framework of an exchange program.

The Incoming Student Coordinator is responsible for:

  • Incoming exchange students to the faculty of Humanities;
  • Providing information and assistance to international students, researchers and staff as needed; managing the Erasmus programme for the faculty.
  • The administration of the LEXs scholarship programme for incoming degree-seeking students.

Career Advisor & Internship Coordinator

In the first semester of their 3rd year, students can choose to do an internship. Students can also book an appointment at the Career Service and/or participate in their other activities. You can contact career service by email.

Student affairs front office

The Front Office also has a desk in Wijnhaven. They can provide students information on the following subjects:

  • Student registration / termination of registration;
  • Tuition fees and Dutch student loans (studiefinanciering);
  • Student card and/or LU Card;
  • Completing forms;
  • Questions about applications for admission to Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes & Study Abroad and exchange programmes;
  • Colloqium doctum applications (i.e. entry exams for admission to Bachelor’s programmes);
  • Illness and delayed study progress;
  • The student financial support regulation 2000 (i.e. the regeling Financiële Ondersteuning Studenten (FOS);
  • Diploma check/verification (for companies).
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