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History in International Studies

The History learning stream in International Studies aims to familiarize the students with the main processes of continuity and change in the course of modern history. It exposes them to a diversity of events, processes, people and structures that have shaped our experiences over roughly the course of the last two centuries. We aim to make students aware of the great importance past events have generally had in shaping present-day affairs and, hence, the need to adopt an historical perspective in order to understand contemporary reality. Furthermore, the pathway aims to introduce the students to the concepts, theories and methods that are used in the field of the academic study of History.

History in International Studies

After the completion of the bachelor programme, students will have gained an overview of the main global historical developments, as well as of the history of the region of their choice. The students have basic knowledge of the concepts and paradigms used by historians and the theories that are prevalent in the field are familiar to them, which provides them with a critical lens through which the conceptual tools of the other pathways can also be approached. Moreover, the methods that are in use have been studied to such an extent that they have at least once been put into practice. The students may have applied the concepts, methods and theories further in an individual research project in which they have identified, discussed, debated, and analysed historical sources. The students possess a general knowledge about some leading debates taking place currently between historians.

History courses in the programme

These Economy Courses are taught in the programme:

  • Global History
  • Area History

All course information is included in the e-prospectus.

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