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Economy in International Studies

Drawing on perspectives from disciplinary economics and comparative political economy, the Economy learning stream in International Studies provides students a rigorous understanding of economic aspects of social life and skills for analyzing and navigating economies in a variety of international settings.

Economy pathway in the programme

The learning aims of the curriculum are reflected in its line-up of courses. In their first and second semesters, students gain foundational knowledge and skills through two core courses, Principles of Economics and Foundations of Political Economy. Adopting a problem-based approach, these courses invite students to apply ideas from economics and political economy to a range of contemporary issues. In their second year, students pursue investigations of economics and political economy globally and in specific world regions. This is achieved first through Area Economics (taken in the third semester), in which students explore economic themes in the region of their choice, followed (in the fourth semester) by Global Political Economy, which provides students global and comparative perspectives on economic affairs across and within world regions. The overall result is an intensive, problem-based education in economics and political economy amenable to a variety of academic and occupational pursuits.

Economy courses

These Economy Courses are taught in the programme:

  • Foundations of Political Economy
  • Principles of Economics
  • Area Economy
  • Global Political Economy

All course information is included in the e-prospectus.

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