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Practising International Studies (PRINS)

Practising International Studies is a consultancy project course where teams of students analyze real life cases and problems presented by organizational leaders that operate in international environments. A diverse range of businesses, NGO’s, government organizations appeal to student teams to use their broad and multiperspective background in International Studies and research capabilities to provide them with novel insights that can assist them in their future decision-making.

Course set-up

First, the organizational leaders will visit the university to introduce their organization and international challenge during a kick-off session. Student teams will have the opportunity to pose questions and gather the necessary information about the organization and the context surrounding the problem. Next, faculty members and other guest speakers will teach students the academic background of these real life problems through lectures.

Translating problems into academic research

With this input, student teams will translate the problem into relevant and analyzable research questions and write a sound project plan. Each team will divide responsibilities by utilizing each member’s expertise in certain areas and disciplines and skills. Based on this task division, each student contributes to the team by conducting research and presenting findings in weekly project tutorials. Throughout these tutor-guided meetings, the findings from all studies will be discussed, refined and integrated by each team. Students will also attend two workshops where they will to learn about research and consultancy skills and techniques needed to deliver real practical value to clients through academic research.

Reports presented to the organizations

This finally results in a report containing an interdisciplinary analysis and detailed recommendations on the courses of action for the organization. The report is presented in front of a committee consisting of representatives from the university and the organization. The committee will select a winning team based on the insights and recommendations communicated in the final report and presentation.

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