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Use of AI tools for assignments

Please read below the information of the Board of Examiners regarding the use of AI tools for assignments.

Students need to develop their own academic skills

Following the general guidelines of academic integrity, we define original work as a product designed, researched, structured, written, and edited (based on feedback) by the author. This means that students cannot use AI tools (including chatGPT, Grammarly Premium Version, or others) for the following steps of their research:

  • Generating arguments
  • Generating essay structure
  • Generating text
  • Summarizing literature
  • Paraphrasing or rewriting existing text

This list is of course not exhaustive, but it is based on the crucial steps students need to undertake in their research process to develop their academic skills across the three years of the degree. Literature search and evaluation, as well as the identification of key arguments and their foundation in academic publications, are time-consuming but necessary steps needed to develop critical thinking and research skills. Students would be hurting their own academic development to outsource these steps, including to an AI.

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