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Please find below more information on (flexible) workplaces and working form home.

Flexible workplace in Schouwburgstraat

In between classes, room 3.08 is available for lecturers. Please use the desks on the left side. The desks on the right side are for Dual PhD (FGGA). Please note that 3.08 is a silence room. For meetings or conversations you can either book meeting room 3.09 (next to 3.08) or use the common room (opposite to the kitchen also on the third floor. Please contact your institute manager if you need a desk for set days in Schouwburgstraat. In weekends Schouwburgstraat is closed.

Working from home

You can partly work from home if your work allows it and your supervisor approves it. More information on conditiona and home-working allowance is listed on this page. The tools for setting up a digital workspace can be found here.

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