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Social media

This page describes the social media of International Studies with their links: Website, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter

International Studies & social media

1. The website This is International studies provides with nice to know information on:
Mapping your future
For interesting blog posts please take a look at https://www.internationalstudiesblog.nl/ 

2. Instagram: Ba.International.Studies
3. Youtube: Bachelor International Studies
4. Facebook: International Studies has its own closed Facebook groups for each cohort. These Facebook groups are useful for various reasons, but they may also turn out to be breeding grounds for false information. International Studies staff can also post information here but questions from students will not be answered. All official announcements and information will be provided through uMail and the website of International Studies. The best channel for lecturers and tutors is via Announcements in the Brightspace modules.
5. Twitter (Humanities): @leidenhum

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