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Politics in International Studies

The Politics learning stream in International Studies aims to familiarize the students with the main issues, ideas, notions, theories and methods of Politics and International Relations. It exposes students to a diversity of perspectives. Courses and tutorials are given by specialists with varying regional expertise. We aim to make students aware of the great diversity of the realm of politics (comparative politics, political philosophy and international relations), introducing them to major politics and international relations paradigms, without necessarily privileging one over the other.


The focus is on current, post-Cold War politics, albeit with explicit historical references. After the completion of the bachelor programme students will need to able to understand the major political issues of our days, especially also in their own region of specialization. Students will be able to understand and apply the main theoretical paradigms of international relations as well as the theoretical notions prevalent in comparative politics. Students are also able to put political developments in the region of their choice into a comparative, global perspective. The students possess a general knowledge of some leading debates in the fields of comparative politics and international relations. Overall, students will have developed into well-informed, critically minded, adequately trained young scholar both in research and reporting, who will have the ability to apply these insights and skills in a variety of scholarly and professional settings.

Politics courses in the programme

These Politics Courses are taught in the programme

  • Politics
  • Area Politics
  • International Relations

All course information is included in the e-prospectus.

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