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Europe needs to step up as Trump’s chances rise

Following Trump’s resounding victory over his Republican arch-rival in Iowa, it's clear that standing by passively and giving Biden the benefit of the doubt is not an option. Luuk van Middelaar, Professor of Foundations and Practice of the European Union and its Institutions, warns in his column in Dutch newspaper 'NRC' that it's vital for Europe’s leaders to act now.

If Trump returns to power, he will be better organised, be more experienced and perhaps be out for revenge. And not only that: he now has firm control of the Republican Party as well. A repeat of the chaos of 2017 is not going to happen. His team will have prepared clear strategies for the first 100 days – which is crucial for every presidency – to push his plans through Congress. One possible scenario is that military aid to Ukraine will be halted.

Europe needs to form one strategic block and the time to achieve that is now. Several key posts are set to become vacant: Secretary General of NATO, President of the European Council and President of the European Commission. These are important opportunities to find high-calibre politicians who can stand up to Trump if he returns to office in January 2025.  

‘A severe Atlantic storm is brewing. This is no time for squabbling – it's a time to focus and get all hands on deck,’ says Van Middelaar.

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Read the full column in NRC (in Dutch) (€)

Photo: Christian Lue through Unsplash

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