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Report by Dutch Committee on Social Minimum

On Thursday 28 September, the Committee on Social Minimum, of which Koen Caminada is a member, presented its second report to outgoing minister for poverty policy in the Netherlands, Carola Schouten. The Committee was established by the minister at the request of the House of Representatives.

Securing the livelihood of Dutch citizens (bestaanszekerheid) needs to be addressed nationwide with a central role for the government. Structural policies are needed to ensure that people can make ends meet and participate in society. For this, the government must do two things: ensure an adequate income, and provide a predictable and accessible system that is workable and sustainable. These are the recommendations in the second and concluding report ‘Een zeker bestaan II' of the Committee on Social Minimum. In June, the Committee had already recommended increasing the social minimum.

For more information and the full report, continue reading on the Dutch page.

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