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What opportunities are lying in wait for veteran politician Pieter Omtzigt?

Omtzigt's new political party 'Nieuw Sociaal Contract' focuses on two key issues: livelihood security and good governance. A candidate list does not exist yet, a substantive programme does. What opportunities are lying in wait for the veteran politician? Dutch television programme Op1 put this question to several experts, including Wim Voermans.

Hands-on solutions

According to Omtzigt, the administrative culture in the Netherlands should be radically changed. He wants to revise the Constitution on a number of points, but also introduce a new electoral system with constituencies based on the Danish model, said Professor of Constitutional Law Wim Voermans. 'This is risky during election time: people can’t be bothered about it. But he was able to rather cleverly make the connection between our bad governance culture and the flaws in our political system, and provide some hands-on solutions.'

But what does Voermans really think of Omtzigt's proposals on governance culture? 'If I'm honest, I don't believe that by having a constitutional court, everything'll suddenly be solved. It won’t make everyone start following the rules all of a sudden. On the other hand: a change in the Electoral Act, there’s something to be said for that,' says Voermans.

You can watch the full Op1 broadcast (in Dutch) here.


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