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Leiden Law Cast: BONJO & an ex-prisoner

Leiden Law Cast is a podcast made by Leiden Law School, Leiden University, for everyone who wants to learn more about current legal issues.

Irem Çakir (L) and Hamza Duprée

The Leiden Law Cast presents information in a more ‘digestible’ form, shining a light on all the latest issues and science news related to law. The podcast is presented by students Irem Çakir and Hamza Duprée. In each episode they discuss a topical legal issue with a member of the academic staff or an alumnus of Leiden Law School.

At a crucial moment in the history of BONJO (the interest organisation for prisoners and ex-prisoners in the Netherlands), Bedel Bayrak, Jaap Brandligt and Paul Grijpma join us on Leiden Law Cast. The gentlemen – respectively volunteer, director and editor-in-chief of BONJO – talk to us about life in detention, the unforeseen problems that arise and how BONJO has been helping detainees for years, partly by being a thorn in the flesh of the Dutch judicial system. We chose to record this episode at a time when the organisation’s survival is very much in limbo due to choices made by former minister Sander Dekker. Although this episode contains much sharp criticism, we would like to wish Mr Dekker a speedy recovery!

The Leiden Law Cast (in Dutch) is available via the following:

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