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Olaf van Vliet on Dutch radio about solving staff shortages: labour migration and other options

Employers are calling on rules to be relaxed on labour migrants from outside the EU as a way of attracting more labour migrants to solve staff shortages. Professor of Economics Olaf van Vliet explains on Dutch radio new programme BNR Nieuwsradio that there are various options to reduce staff shortages.

Besides attracting labour migrants, another option would be to increase labour participation. The government could try to stimulate this through policy measures, but employers could also offer more pay. When there is a tight labour market, it is to be expected that wages will rise and until now this has only been done to a limited extent, according to Van Vliet. Another option for employers is to rely more on automation and robots. 

The broadcast of the programme BNR Breekt (in Dutch) can be listened to via:

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