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Van Middelaar in Buitenhof on Europe’s position on world stage

On 5 December, Luuk van Middelaar appeared as a guest on Dutch current affairs programme Buitenhof to talk about various European issues, including how Europe had tackled the coronavirus pandemic.

How is the European Union coping with the crisis?

Luuk van Middelaar, political philosopher and Professor of Foundations and Practice of the EU, has written a book on this: Het Europees pandemonium. He believes that European countries have changed their behaviour during the coronavirus crisis. ‘Perhaps the Netherlands thought that it was the same old theatre piece, North against South and then we’ll meet somewhere in the middle. But Germany, with Merkel at the helm, realised: this is a historic new moment, we’re going to do things differently. And all at once the Netherlands stood alone, with a number of other frugal countries.’

The full broadcast (in Dutch) is available here

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