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'Better cooperation needed between European investigation services'

Dutch political party VVD wants to set up a 'Mini Schengen zone' to control immigration better. But that is easier said than done, says Professor of European Law, Jorrit Rijpma.

Jorrit Rijpma

Extra border controls mean extra costs, Rijpma says on Dutch radio programme BNR Nieuwsradio. He sees them mainly as a symbolic measure. 'The Netherlands is a transport country: travel without borders has provided many benefits. And besides that, the police can already carry out checks in border areas. Borders are also unable to prevent many things, even in places where there are already temporary border controls.’

One fundamental problem, says Rijpma, is the inadequate exchange of information between investigation services in European countries. 'That is actually something that is far more important than setting up border controls. Start in Europe with proper cooperation between investigation services, make joint use of all the options already on offer and make improvements to these.  My message is: if you want to keep Schengen, a different approach is called for.’

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