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Arco Timmermans Discusses Government Support and the Aviation Industry on Dutch BNR Nieuwsradio

Prevention measures against corona are strictly enforced on board the train. In the aviation industry, however, it seems as if the rules that still apply on the train no longer apply to the aviation industry. Does the aviation industry have too much power?

Arco Timmermans, Professor by special appointment Public Affairs at the Institute of Public Administration of Leiden University, finds it remarkable that the rules have been eased for the aviation industry. 'Yesterday, I sat in a train wearing a face mask, while the nearest passenger was sitting fifteen meters behind me. In the aviation industry, you'll notice that the rules have been eased with remarkable speed. The one-and-a-half meter rule, for instance, no longer applies on board of a plane. This tells me that the aviation industry has a very strong hold on the minister in the Netherlands. Obviously, the aviation industry is facing problems right now, but the speed with which the exceptions in the aviation industry are implemented surprises me.'


It seems that branch associations in the aviation industry worldwide succeed time and time again in influencing policy decisions. 'About four weeks ago a new aviation policy document was implemented in the Netherlands. A lot of experts believe the failure to address sustainability in aviation in this document is a waisted opportunity', says Timmermans. 'It seems that time and time again exceptions are being made for the aviation industry. I find that strange and difficult to sell to other industries.'

You can listen to the entire segment (in Dutch) on BNR Nieuwsradio BNR Nieuwsradio

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