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World news: eleven asteroids on a collision course with Earth

The discovery that eleven asteroids might collide with our Earth has become world news. The research of three Leiden astronomers has appeared on more than 190 news sites worldwide, from America to China. They developed and trained an artificial neural network for this discovery.

The researchers named their neural network Hazardous Object Identifier, or HOI, which means hello in Dutch. HOI discovered eleven asteroids that, between the years 2131 and 2923, come closer than ten times the Earth-Moon distance and are larger than a hundred meters in diameter. The astronomers published their findings in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics. In addition, first author John D. Hefele wrote a blog post for NatureIdentifying Earth-impacting asteroids using an artificial neural network.

Below you can find a selection of media that wrote about the Leiden discovery.

Media attention

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