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'Everything points to an emergency situation'

Denmark, Poland and Germany are a few of the countries that have closed their borders, entirely or certain sections, in response to the continued advancement of coronavirus. Normally, this is only possible when there is a threat to public order or national security.

Jorrit Rijpma

On Dutch radio programme BNR Nieuwsradio Associate Professor Jorrit Rijpma spoke about the measures that an increasing number of countries are taking in response to the coronavirus outbreak. 'Everything points to an emergency situation. In times of crisis, everything can change – this decision was taken by the European government leaders. You see this in all crisis situations: it becomes a case of chefsache – a matter for the highest level of political leaders.'

The fact that there are no restrictions yet on freight transport within the Schengen area is totally justified, Rijpma says. 'You could say that this is proportional: humans form the threat, they are the carriers of the virus.'

Rijpma also responds in Dutch newspaper NRC to the situation surrounding coronavirus. He considers the fact that as of this week, new asylum seekers are no longer received in asylum seekers’ centres. That goes against the rules, Rijpma says: 'According to European asylum law, it is not possible to not offer shelter.'

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