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Leiden Observatory comet research goes viral

From Mexico and Indonesia to China and Italy: people from all over the world read about the Leiden Observatory publication on the birthplace of comets. This research suggests that all comets in our solar system might come from the same place: a specific range in the flat disk of dust and gas that once surrounded our young Sun.


Astronomer Christian Eistrup performed this research during his PhD in Leiden, in close collaboration with Ewine van Dishoeck. The story was picked up by media from all over the world. It was the second most popular story of the day on the famous science news aggregator Phys.org, with more than 21,000 reads and more than 1700 shares on Facebook. In addition, Eistrup was interviewed by the online platform Popular Science, also known as PopSci. Below a selection of the media that picked up the publication:

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