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International attention for solution long-standing scientific problem

Solving a scientific problem after decades: it’s a long-lasting dream for many scientists. Consequently, the research of Leiden and Eindhoven chemists gained a lot of media attention, for instance from the Belgian news website VRT Nieuws and science website Phys.org.

Endless discussion

For almost four decades there has been a heated debate in the chemical literature: which of the two existing models for the reaction of hydrogen to a platinum catalyst is correct? Traditional methods were not adequate to prove this. Leiden chemist Ludo Juurlink and Michael Gleeson from the Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research (DIFFER) decided to develop a new method to provide conclusive evidence. They used a unique curved platinum surface. Together with PhD student Richard van Lent, they published their findings in Science.

Media overview

Their research appeared in the following (inter)national media:

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