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Editorial NRC: Jelle van Buuren on criticism of our counterterrorism experts

Jelle van Buuren, assistant professor at the Institute of Security and Global Affairs (ISGA), does not understand that Mark van Ostaijen puts away the communication after the attacks like: ‘It is a confused man, you can rest easy.’

With his article (only in Dutch) ‘our counterterrorism experts do not deserve this kind of criticism’, Jelle van Buuren reacts on the article of sociologist Mark van Ostaijen (only in Dutch) that was published in the NRC earlier. Van Ostaijen states the reaction on violent attacks resembles a ‘strictly orchestrated strategy of depoliticization’. Jelle van Buuren does not agree, as the Netherlands are very active in combatting terrorists. The threat level is indeed estimated ‘substantial’.

Read the entire reaction of Jelle van Buuren on the website of NRC (only in Dutch).

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