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Marieke Liem in Trouw about the Terrorist Threat in the Netherlands

Marieke Liem, Associate Professor at the Institute of Security and Global Affairs (ISGA), has been interviewed by Trouw about the opinion of the Dutch concerning the threat assessment: "The Dutch respond relatively sober to attacks in neighboring countries and the possible risks of a terrorist threat".

According to Liem, habituation has occurred because the threat level has been so high for some time.In addition, research shows that the Dutch are more afraid for an attack elsewhere in the Netherlands, rather than in their direct environment. Furthermore, the Dutch have the idea that the government is doing enough against threatening attacks. This indicates realism and reasonably stable confidence in the government. The sober  attitude of the Dutch population can turn around in the future if the Netherlands upscale to the highest threat level, says Liem. Until then, it is especially important to carefully communicate the information regarding terrorist threats.  

Read the full article here (only in Dutch)

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