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Video portrait of Aukje Nauta on working from home

Social and organisational psychologist Aukje Nauta, who is researching how companies can enhance individuals in a dynamic work context, discusses what science says about working from home in the video portrait made by the LNVH. She also believes that employers could look at the Netherlands for inspiration as they consider how best to implement remote-work policies and set up virtual offices.


Aukje Nauta was interviewed by the National Association for Female Professors and spoke about working from home during the corona situation and after.
'A different sound' (English Subtitles)


For BBC Aukje Nauta explained what other countries could learn from the Netherlands regarding working from home and the establishment of a virtual work place.
What the Dutch can teach the world about remote work

Aukje Nauta in Dutch media

Aukje Nauta is Professor by special appointment 'Enhancing individuals in a dynamic work context'. Our organisational psychologist Nauta is an attorney of sustainable employability and talks about her specialism in several media (in Dutch).
Aukje Nauta in Dutch media

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