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Sociolinguistics and Discourse Studies

Language policy and planning

From the smallest level of interaction among families and close friends, over the meso-level of schools, shops, churches, religious communities and companies, to the highest level of nation-states and international organisations: Language Policy and Planning (LPP) is everywhere!

Our research tackles issues of language policy and language planning in various of historical and contemporary contexts in different regions of the world, including Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. Power differences are at the heart of the many linguistic and ideological disputes between major and minority languages, including the various types of tension between colonial, native and immigrant languages.

Research topics include

  • the rise of language ideologies (such as the standard language ideology) and their impact on LPP
  • the influence of LPP on language use
  • patterns of language use in migrant communities
  • the interaction of LPP and individual/collective identities
  • grassroot language activism in online and offline spaces
  • language use in the fields of education and literacy

We welcome applications by prospective PhD students in all of these areas. 

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